Artist Statement
"In the imagination, everything can be restored, everything mended, wounds healed, stories ended."   H is for Hawk - Helen Macdonald

When I was nine years old, pneumonia kept me out of school for a month and my mother gave me paint-by-number kits to keep me busy. That’s how I fell in love with painting. Discovering that colors and paints create worlds was magical to me, and that has never changed. 

My work is process driven, a dance between resolution and dissolution until each image embodies its own specific identity. A mentor once told me that artists work with the same metaphor all their lives, it just shape shifts in form, a statement that has proven true for me. Whatever the subject, the heart of my work focuses on basic human connection, and the transitory nature of time and memory are the conceptual foundation.

Art is one of the few places in our culture where we can experience the complexity, ambiguity, and beauty of being human. In an increasingly digitized and consumerist culture, painting offers a synthesized connection between body, mind, and spirit and retains a powerful ability to create moments of basic human connection across time and place. Acknowledging the workings of time, I see paintings as acts of embodiment in the face of the ephemeral.