13 (edition of 5), 2016
Artist book - archival ink jet prints, acid-free Bristol board, book board, book cloth. Created and produced by Colleen Kiely. 9 3/4 inches x 7 3/4 inches x variable length.

13 is a thirteen page accordian fold book, produced in an edition of 5.

I shot these photographs of Beau, my thirteen year-old basset hound, and myself on the afternoon of March 31, 2015. They span thirteen minutes of one ordinary day during our last months together. The text is an excerpt from "In Blackwater Woods" by Mary Oliver and reads: To live/in this world/you must be able/to do three things:/to love/what is mortal;/to hold it/against your bones/knowing/your own life/depends on it;/and, when the time comes/to let it go,/to let it go.