"Kiely addresses campy and lowbrow iconography with sophisticated bravura painting techniques to create highbrow art." Nick Capasso, Sr. Curator, DeCordova Museum, "Pretty/Sweet: The Sentimental Image in Contemporary Art" catalogue

"Kiely, a painter, conjures women from art historical sources...She takes off from there to meditate on female identity, inventing portraits that are sometimes direct and sometimes elusive." Cate McQuaid,The Boston Globe, Critic's Pick in The Ticket, "Colleen Kiely: Women on the Verge", 9/1/19


"Colleen Kiely uses her aging basset hound Beau as both model and avatar in her work, playing with the tradition of artists' use of women as models and muses." Mara Williams, Chief Curator, Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, VT, re: Touchstones, Totems, Talismans: Animals in Contemporary Art​​